stopping running programmes

  john1000 23:01 30 Jun 2003

i have got xp home and if i go to task manager it says i am running 30 processes alot of these i dont need running how do i stop them to save memory thanks.

  Rtus 23:06 30 Jun 2003

Not being an Xp user myself ..But this may help

click here

  VoG II 23:09 30 Jun 2003

... and click here

  woodchip 23:17 30 Jun 2003

In short go to Start/Run type MSCONFIG go to start tab untick all except Explorer and System tray if you have probes with any programs needing to run just go back and put a tick in the box

  Rtus 23:55 30 Jun 2003

versions for W98 please heed the warnings given in the link I posted.CLICK on the WHY in light Blue txt.And follow up with Vogs link to listing of start program exe's..

  woodchip 23:59 30 Jun 2003

That's what Vog was on about with XP. It's a micky mouse OS

  Rtus 00:06 01 Jul 2003

Apologies..Im getting too old for this late night stuff..

  Quiller. 00:07 01 Jul 2003

We may have crossed links here. Woodchip is referring to the startup programmes. All of these can safely be unticked and the machine rebooted. It will not stop windows loading. As woodchip also says if you do have a problem with any programme you can go back and retick it.

All of my start up tab is disabled.

Rtus and VoG refer to running processes which is a totally different application of windows. This must be edited with the utmost caution.

I my self have 19 processes running in the background, my system idle process is 96% at the moment. This is the important figure.

Hope this is of some help.

  woodchip 00:13 01 Jul 2003

Now I am confused, Think I will def stay with 98

  Quiller. 00:21 01 Jul 2003

Windows X\P does not have explorer or system tray in the startup tab.It was not put there so it can't be disabled accidentally.

Everything, in the startup tab, in X\P can be disabled unlike 98.

These are programmes that start with windows.

Running processes are key windows settings and these include explorer.exe and a host of other exe's. These must be adjusted with caution.

  lester1 00:42 01 Jul 2003

Hey Woodchip

98 Rules OK

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