Stopping obscene E-mails

  puggs 21:11 01 Jan 2004

I am a beginner and I have recently starteg to receive large nuimbers of obscene E-mails. What can I do to prevent this as I am receieving hundreds of these on a daily basis. Please send any suggestions to halt the flow as I am getting desperate. puggs

  Valvegrid 21:17 01 Jan 2004

What email server are you using? I the meantime, don't open the emails or reply to them, just delete them. When you tell us your email server someone might be able to tell you how to set you email filters.


  LastChip 21:18 01 Jan 2004

all come from the same address?

  adviseclive 21:22 01 Jan 2004

Do you have aol or some other ISP?

  carver 22:20 01 Jan 2004

This might not be the advice you want to hear,but if I where you I'd change my e-mail for a new one. Once your e-mail address is available to certain sites it is sold on to every unsavory site going. Get a new address, then treat it like any other important information, if a web site wants your e-mail address just to access the site keep clear.

  VoG II 22:48 01 Jan 2004

Try click here - it will allow you to delete these unwanted messages without even peeking at them.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:42 01 Jan 2004

click here it will cost you $25 but it is the best.


  UncleAl 00:13 02 Jan 2004

Assuming you are using a recent version of Outlook or Outlook Express, you can get rid of 95% or more of the problem by using Outlook's own message filtering facility. You can always go back and add more words if you need to.

Click on the "Tools" menu, then select "Message Rules", then "Mail..."

You can then set up a rule to instantly delete any message which has certain words in the title OR message body. You can then just pay a visit to your "deleted items" folder now and again to permanently dump the offending items, and check that nothing innocent has accidentally been diverted.

PS Apart from the obvious porno-related words, you might want to include such trigger words as Viagra, pills, medication, meds, prescriptions as well. If the porn merchants have your e-mail address, it won't be long before you also start to get unsolicited e-mails from online pillpushers.

  Forum Editor 00:26 02 Jan 2004

offers an anti-spam service, and i suggest that you have a word with them about enabling it on your account.

By and large you'll not find that Outlook or Outlook Express are much good at removing spam - no matter what Microsoft may say. They certainly will not remove anything like the 95% that has been suggested. The anti-spam component of Outlook 2003 (the latest version) is a big improvement on what went before however, and is worth using if you have Office 2003 installed.

Oherwise you can use an anti-spam tool like Mailwasher Pro, but don't expect anything to be wholly effective, spam writers are very clever, and they are already consistently beating the latest anti-spam filters.

  daba 00:47 02 Jan 2004

on our internal mail at work, one of my directors sent me a mail saying "....and I absolutely guarantee that this will improve...."

Perfectly inoccuous statement, sent in good faith, however, our mail washing software included "absolute" AND "guarantee" in its list of possible spam mail.

it just shows you shouldn't just throw everything away because it just might be spam, sometimes you gotta read it to make sure.

  Gaz 25 02:04 02 Jan 2004

I am creating my own Anti-spam system, it is not a quick fix for now... But as soon as I have it finished you could trial it, and it is all perfectly free.

click here

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