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  nobbyhigo 23:58 21 Sep 2004

I have just read in the local paper of a £600 bill for premium rate internet scam calls .How do i avoid them i run AVG anti virus and i have a firewall running.Or do i need to check with the phone company THANKS FOR THE HELP

  kev.Ifty 02:14 22 Sep 2004

If one is concerned about getting a Dialler on their PC enough then they can contact their line provider eg. BT and have premium rate phone calls barred from their line.

A site that may be of use is..

click here


  iscanut 11:00 22 Sep 2004

I use Panda Platinum Anti Virus & Firewall and the latter can be set to detect and remove unwelcome dialler invaders ! It does work as one was picked up and disinfected yesterday !

  nobbyhigo 14:00 22 Sep 2004

thanks everyone for the good advise

  carper 14:40 22 Sep 2004

I have used andy68's suggestion and it has worked fine for me and has warned of possible interference.

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