Stopping internet access

  fazer 12:28 15 Jul 2005

I think this is either a very naive question on my part or more of an idea for someone to develop ! .......

Even though I have a fairly fast set-up with 1.2Gb of memory, I always disconnect my external (broadband) modem from the electrical supply then disable my firewall and antivirus programmes to make things run quicker in my photoediting suites.

The problem I've always had is that when I re-connect the modem, the computer does not "recognise" it without having to be re-started which(to me anyway) is a pain in the .....

Unless I'm missing something fundamental here, is there a way to disconnect from the internet without physicaly removing wires?

  Diemmess 12:49 15 Jul 2005

I assume (Using Aol) that to carry out the software disconnect is enough. A similar option exists in IE.
My modem indicator in the task bar certainly shows no up/down activity

I also assumed that without a live connection to the internet, any anti malware and firewall software is dormant and shouldn't be reserving any memory.

I appreciate that heavyweight applications with huge files being edited do use most of what you have, but feel that if you are looking for more speed, then look first for and disable the host of things that by default tend to be present in the startup list

  fazer 12:56 15 Jul 2005


Thank you for your quick response.

What do mean by "software disconnect?" Can you do this without physicaly switching off the modem from the electrical supply? (as I'm doing now).

I am prepared to be corrected, but I think you are wrong about Firewalls and anti-viral software becoming dormant when disconnected from the internet.

I take your point about the other start-up programs but have already dealt with this.

  TomJerry 13:02 15 Jul 2005

good firewall (e.g. Zonealarm, Tiny Firewall) ainti-virus (McAfee) use very very little system resource, so it is not necessary to disable them. I assume that this is the reason you want to disconnect from net.

If you want to quickly do physical disconnect and connect, it is better to get a modem router. The difference between a router and a usb modem is that router do all donky net connection by its own, whilst usb modem need computer to do the donky work for net connection.

If you keep router on, the internet connection is maintained. You only need to discouunt or connect the link between your PC and router. So it is very quick.

For usb modem soltion, you cannot maintain internet link once you discount it from PC even it is still on. It always takes some time to establish internet connection.

Modem-router is very cheap

4 ports verion £27.84 click here

1 port version £19.99 click here

  Klof Ron 13:07 15 Jul 2005

Go to Control Panel\Network Connections drag a copy of the connection to the desktop. When not required right click the destop shortcut an click disconnect.

  Diemmess 13:40 15 Jul 2005

"Software disconnect".... my term for clicking a button in Aol which offers [Exit Aol]. This takes me straight back to the Desktop or whatever might have been running in the background. [Stay On] and [Sign off] are alternatives...... I think a dropdown menu in IE offers disconnect.

I know that my USB broadband modem is still connected but there is now no software connection with the computer, and therefore no route for interchanging any data with the WWW.

  fazer 13:53 15 Jul 2005

Thank you everyone for the responses.

I need to try these suggestions when I get home this evening.

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