CDL 23:56 09 Jan 2010

Hello !
Has anyone come accross this BSOD code : 0xf8c2E528 or to be more precise:
STOP: 0x0000007B (0xf8c2E528) 0xC0000034 0x00000000 0x00000000
This follows a restart after reinstallation and update of XP. Newly formatted (and KillDisked !) HD with a formatted backup drive as slave. Doesnt always happen,generally on a restart,all OK in safe mode.
Thank you.

  BRYNIT 00:01 10 Jan 2010

Don't know if this is of help click here;en-us;324103

  BRYNIT 00:04 10 Jan 2010

Click here did not work try this one click here

  CDL 09:37 10 Jan 2010

Thank you BRYNIT but what I seem to need is a specific translation of the 0xf8c2E528 bit !
There are numerous references to 0x0000007B which appears to be a general code. Somebody must have 'invented' the specific code number ?! BUT there is no referece to it anywhere - who generates these numbers ?!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:17 10 Jan 2010

first one is fault type
the code numbers that come after are the memory locations.

  CDL 10:24 10 Jan 2010

Hello Fruit Bat /\0/\ - can you expand on that for me please.

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