Stop telesales calls

  Legolas 16:46 10 Dec 2003

Thought I would put this in its own thread as I had ticked the other one.

Stopping telesales calls

In the 4-5 months since registering I have received two-three phone calls from telesales companies wheras before it was almost every night.

Plus I used to get the silent call, the phone would ring and when I picked up the receiver there was no answer just a buzzing sound, at first I thought it was a nuisance caller but I realised it was happening about the same time every night I had my suspicions it was a telesales call but did not know why I got no reply on lifting the receiver, then I seen a programme on the TV a few weeks ago that was talking about silent calls and it seems the telesales companies set up their computers to dial out a certain ammount of telephone numbers at random say 100 for example but they may only have 20 telesales staff so the first 20 calls to be answered get a salesperson on the other end the remaining 80 get nothing hence the silent call.

This practice by telesales companies is acutely illegal but no company has yet been prosecuted.

To register click here

  johnnyrocker 16:56 10 Dec 2003

nice tip i didn't fancy the £3.35 per month at bt


  Legolas 17:09 10 Dec 2003

alcudia The silent calls did'nt really worry me but I can imagine an elderly person who lives alone and receives these calls it must scare them, it is irresponsible of the telesales companies to resort to this method of contacting potential customers and the sooner they start to be prosecuted for it the better.

  Stuartli 17:14 10 Dec 2003

Did this nearly three years ago - only had one or two cold calls since and as, surprisingly, 1471 worked on one occasion, the caller was referred to the Telephone Preference Service online.

The TPS wastes no time in letting organisations know that they will be in trouble if they persist.

  Legolas 17:16 10 Dec 2003

Stuartli excellent!!!

  [email protected]@m 17:32 10 Dec 2003

The vast majority of thes calls will withhold their number so you can't annoy THEM!

Costs a couple of bob, but worth it if you're being pestered. For BT, click here

  Big Elf 17:48 10 Dec 2003

Thank you very much. I've been pestered with financial services cold calls for a couple of years now. Hopefully they will dry up in a short time.

[email protected]@m - Good evening. Couldn't reply to your post earlier as this website (well is blocked at work!!

  IClaudio 19:35 10 Dec 2003

great link thanx!

rev.bem said:
Also worth mentioning anyone with a Telewest line can have anonymous caller rejection for a squid per month

Why should_we_have to pay to not get these calls? Maybe if those companies had to pay the pound we wouldn't get so many grrr...

  spuds 19:38 10 Dec 2003

Here's another click here for email preference

  Legolas 12:42 11 Dec 2003


  Al94 13:16 11 Dec 2003

It works well, no more calls selling whatever, usually at mealtime!!

Here is the link for the Mail Preference Service which cuts out the bulk of junk emailings. I registered after seeing the amount of "crud" behind my front door after a 3 week holiday. I hardly get anything now other that the unaddressed stuff the postman delivers.
click here

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