Stop people nicking my cartoons.

  tnelis 12:38 16 Oct 2014

I want to stop anyone rightclick/save my cartoons on How can I achieve this please? Thanks, Mike

  lotvic 13:01 16 Oct 2014

code to stop it click here

examples of how viewers can turn it back on click here

  Batch 15:41 16 Oct 2014

Ultimately you can't really stop them if they know what they are doing. Two obvious ways that are difficult to prevent.

  1. Go to the browser's file cache folders and find the image there.

  2. Screen grab (e.g. ALT+Print Screen) or software that enables an area of teh screen to be copied (e.g. the Windows Snipping Tool).

Only real solution is not to put the images on teh web in the first place. But you could try putting watermarks in the images which may well put some people off.

  wee eddie 18:22 16 Oct 2014

Another possible solution is to watermark them.

Make sure that it is right across the middle of the picture. You will not stop the copying but if your watermark is right, at least you will get the credit for it.

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