Stop people copying my ebook

  Chris the Ancient 16:28 07 Apr 2005

I intend 'publishing' a document (sort of book really) and distributing it as a downloadable item.

I have received an e-book which appears on the screen - but there is no menu bar, tool bars, status bar or anything. I can't right click, I can't highlight and copy. I can't do anything at all except read it. I downloaded it quite a while back, so some of the details are hazy, but what I have on my machine now is a setup wizard an exe file to open the book and some associated uninstall files

This is such a neat idea that I would like to do it to my potentially forthcoming e-book.

Through Google, I have found a company called WCCL that has an html protection program that is similar - but doesn't seem to be exactly what I want.

Has anyone out there found/used a program that will make my e-book something that hides everything except the actual text - and that makes the text only readable on the screen with no print/copy/steal facilities?

Got to go out again for a while, so I'll be looking later on.



  Pesala 17:57 07 Apr 2005

PP9 or PP10 allow production of PDF files with password protection. There are programs around that will circumvent standard PDF protection, but if basic protection is enough it will do the job very well. Good for formatting the book properly, and for professional printing via high quality PDF. Supports URL links, bookmarks, various compression for a web version, etc.

If your book is already finished, and nicely formatted in another program, you can use a PDF printer driver like PDF Factory Professional, click here - which is cheaper than the full Adobe Acrobat

  Chris the Ancient 19:13 07 Apr 2005

pdf files had gone through my mind as a good way - I do in fact already use a pdf maker program called Primopdf for some stuff.

However, the thing I want to publish needs to be made in such a way that they can't print at all either - hence the slightly deeper probe.

Also, having received something in this 'unknown' format, I'm also darned curious as to how it was done!

I've had another look at the 'locked' document and it may well be that it is in this protected html format - but my mind then beggars the question of how they made it into an exe file that also hides all menu and tool bars }:o(

  DieSse 19:20 07 Apr 2005

This may be it click here

  Chris the Ancient 19:38 07 Apr 2005

That looks good. I'm investigating that a bit deeper as well.

I like the fact that it does it to pdf files - the one I have did look very like html. So this is better!

Off to probe.

Any more?

  DieSse 21:58 07 Apr 2005

Do a google on ... protected ebooks ...

  Chris the Ancient 22:47 07 Apr 2005

Not a search I tried! I tried some - but not that.

That's mucked up my long lunch break tomorrow ;o))

More research!

Seriously though, thanks for the help. I've plenty of leads to follow - so I'll tick it for now


  TomJerry 02:02 08 Apr 2005

another way is to use webcomplier click here if your original is html files, the book you seen before maybe produced by this

if you use powerpoint files, you can think Impatica click here

by the way, every protection method is breakable

  Graham ® 09:04 08 Apr 2005

Sorry if this is obvious, but if you right click on the e-book and View Source, it may give a clue to its origins.

  Graham ® 10:48 08 Apr 2005

I knew it was too early for me! You can't right click!

  Pesala 11:13 08 Apr 2005

click here for a sample PDF produced from PP9. Try to print it or copy it. You can also apply a password to open it, if you wish.

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