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  Hetti 21:36 09 Aug 2005

i changed the resolution on my PC, and now i'm getting a message saying "change resolution to 1280x1024 for best picture quality" it also says beneath the message
1: clear message
2: Disable message
But when i press button 1 or 2 on keyboard nothig happens, and the message pops up every minute or so.

How can I disable it?

  mattyc_92 21:38 09 Aug 2005

What program is stating this? as Windows likes to be on a screen resolution at 800x600 or more.

  Hetti 21:51 09 Aug 2005


I was on Pogo when it started showing this, but it is showing it on this site also, this is the onlt 2 sites i have visited.
It also shows on desktop

  mattyc_92 21:55 09 Aug 2005

Where about on the screen does this message show up? From the "System Tray" (where the clock is)?

What browser are you using? IE? FireFox? Avant? Opera?

  Jackcoms 22:00 09 Aug 2005

Have you considered changing the resolution back to what it was?

If it ain't broke, don't fix it ......

  shizzy 22:05 09 Aug 2005

It's the monitor message. I had it when I changed resolution on my TFT. Click on 2 with your mouse and it won't ask anymore. Just make sure the res. you clicked on is supported by the monitor. I think the default settings only show the ones that are supported by the way.

  Hetti 22:05 09 Aug 2005

I use IE mattyc .....the message show in the middle of the monitor, stays there for about 40 secs then dissapears then pops up again a minute later, its driving me mad, lol.

I have changed the resolution to 1280x1024 as the message suggests, but my display is now very small,i just changed it to get rid of the message temporarily until I can change back to a bigger display and get rid of the pop up message

  Hetti 22:09 09 Aug 2005

thats what i tried to do but the cursor dissapears behind the message,it will not let me click on 2. i tried pressing 2 on keyboard but that don't work either

  mattyc_92 22:11 09 Aug 2005

It sounds like the VDU (Moniter aka the screen). You will need to consult your instruction manual for info on how to stop it from doing this.

  Hetti 22:11 09 Aug 2005

I will look back here tomorrow guy's thanks.......bedtme

  shizzy 22:19 09 Aug 2005

Look at your monitor instructions, you perhaps have to use the monitor scroll buttons. Sorry had forgotten how I did it.

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