stop errors

  tarkus 17:09 15 Mar 2003

i have just built 2 pc's for friends using identical components, gigabyte GA7DXE mother boards Athlon XP 2000 cpus and 512 meg (single stick) pc2100 ram,A-Tek MX440 128meg DDR graphics cards, they are also using the same cases with 350 watt power suplies. both these systems seemed to be working ok but after a while started to suffer from reboots, i disabled auto restsrt to see what might be causing the problems and got a blue screen with a stop error code of 0x0000008e (0xc0000005,0x804f45ld,0xf13619ec,0x00000000)after much messing around i changed the graphics cards on both pcs. pc1 to an ATI radeon 7500 64 meg (this pc now seems to be running ok, now been running for 48 hours with the aquarium screen saver)and pc2 to a sparkle geforce2ti 64 meg (all i had to hand)this pc then seemed to be running ok (using the latest drivers from nvidia)then all started to go wrong again after i put sp1 on to this pc.started getting the same stop error again so removed sp1 but still getting the stop error. could it be that this mother board with an amd 761 chip set doesn't like nvidia cards or is it something else. any help much appreciated.

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