Stop Error after upgrading Motherboard to MSI K7N

  [DELETED] 10:24 28 Oct 2003

After changing my mobo over the weekend my system boots OK but returns a stop error whilst loading windows.
Stop Error: Ox0000007B (0XEB81B84C,0X0000034,0X00000000,0X00000000)
Inaccessible Boot Device.

If I replace my old mobo then all boots OK.

Old mobo MSI KT3 Ultra
New mobo MSI K7N2 DELTA-ILSR Bios W6570ms V7.4

All connections double checked.
I have emailed MSI but have not had a reply.
Anybody any thoughts?


  [DELETED] 11:09 28 Oct 2003

What OS are you running

  [DELETED] 11:16 28 Oct 2003

It's always advisable to reinstall Windows after a motherboard change. With older versions of Windows, you might get away with not reinstalling, but with Windows XP or 2000, it's almost mandatory.

Best is to format and reinstall, but you could try reinstalling Windows on top of the existing one (which keeps your programs and data) and let the installation process re-detect the hardware and install the right drivers and so on.

  [DELETED] 11:27 28 Oct 2003

Troubleshooting this error click here;en-us;324103&Product=winxp

  [DELETED] 11:28 28 Oct 2003

Damn Microsoft. click here instead

  [DELETED] 11:31 28 Oct 2003

Still dosn't work. Go to and choose Support\Knowledge Base. Choose XP as your product and in solutions containing, type 0x0000007B. There's quite a lot there.

  [DELETED] 11:33 28 Oct 2003

I've changed my motherboard on my home pc win XP Pro with NTFS for some strange reason NTFS hates motherboards being changed what you need to do is repair the instal of windows XP

  [DELETED] 11:35 28 Oct 2003

That's the same error I had when I upgraded to the latest firmware on my PC-Chips 810lmr motherboard... and... done a Windows Update with the following WinXP critical updates:

KB828035, KB823182, KB824141, KB825119

I now have my system working again by un-installing the above Critical Updates...

What the hell are Microsoft playing at, it seems every new update does something to your system...

  [DELETED] 12:55 28 Oct 2003

Windows 2000 pro.

  [DELETED] 09:32 29 Oct 2003

Your old motherboard uses the VIA KT333 chipset, while the new uses the nVidia nForce2 chipset. The hardware drivers which the old Windows 2000 stored won't work on the new hardware platform.

Keep the new motherboard in. Boot up the computer with the w2k CD (making sure in BIOS settings, CDROM comes before the hard disk in the boot sequence).

Windows 2000 Setup will load files, then on the first "Windows 2000 Professional Setup" screen, press Enter to "Setup Windows 2000 now". Press F8 to accept agreement. Then Setup will detect your existing installation at C:\WINNT, and give you the option to repair the existing installation. Press R now.

All your programs and data will remain. However you will need to reinstall SP4 and all other Windows Updates.

  woodchip 09:43 29 Oct 2003


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