Stop that beeping

  Willow12 18:07 26 Jun 2003

I have just had to reformat my hard drive. After reinstalling the OS my PC beeps when certain events occur, like error messages or if a setting is altered. How do I switch this off? It was never on there before!

I use Windows XP Home.


  Rayuk 18:20 26 Jun 2003

Have you looked at Display Properties/Themes
may be lurking in there.

  Willow12 18:24 26 Jun 2003

Can't see anything there. Thanks for responding though.

Anyone else?

  Megatyte 18:25 26 Jun 2003

Not sure about XP, but try Control Panel - Sounds.


  Willow12 18:29 26 Jun 2003

Looked all through there. Everything is set to no sound, but the beeps keep on coming! :(

  -pops- 18:34 26 Jun 2003

Is it the speaker in the computer case or your sound system?

If it's the computer case one (the one that beeps at start up) it may be something fundamentally wrong with the Windows installation.

As you won't have anything much to lose, try a new installation - not a repair.


  dontaskme 18:36 26 Jun 2003

It may be something in the bios

  Megatyte 18:37 26 Jun 2003

Go back to Sounds and select Windows Default in the Schemes window. Apply and then reset to No Sounds. Apply and OK.


  Willow12 20:47 26 Jun 2003

Tried everything above including the reinstall Pops. Still no joy. Starting to lean towards it being something in the bios as suggested by dontaskme. Don't know where to start with that though!

  -pops- 06:55 27 Jun 2003

From your last posting, I assume it is the case speaker that is producing the sound. If so, and if you have done a re-install, it does seem something either in the BIOS or in some fundamental part of the hardware that you have. Do a thorough check of all parts to ensure that they are firmly inserted into their connectors - and connectors firmly inserted into them.

Check you BIOS settings with your motherboard manual to see if any are wildy amiss from what they should be.


  Megatyte 09:34 27 Jun 2003

"my PC beeps when certain events occur, like error messages or if a setting is altered."

I could be wrong, but that don't sound like BIOS to me.


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