Stop Auto. connect to web. ??

  roygbiv 11:20 17 Nov 2005

I have 2 accounts on XP,(both are administrator) 1 account always conects to the internet when it is opened. If i dissconnect, it reconnects within a few minutes).

I have looked at most of the obvious (tick's in various boxes, to connect when logged on ) but it still happens.

Any pointers to this "annoying" problem? TIA

  ACOLYTE 11:23 17 Nov 2005

Have you got a network? it may be the other pc is connecting if you have.You could try setting "never dial a connection" in IE options,it also may be a program trying to update itself,you could try opening IE without dialing up first it should then bring up the dial box,click cancel and take the tick out of the box.

  roygbiv 11:29 17 Nov 2005

No other PC connected to this one.
Sorry but " what box?" dosent show on here !!

  ACOLYTE 11:33 17 Nov 2005

The connect automatically box.You may have to set the connection to "dail whenever a network connection is not present" in the IE options if it doesnt show.

  roygbiv 11:59 17 Nov 2005

OK,It had a DOT in never dial a connection. tried all options available, stilll the same, only "dial whenever a network connection is not present" when selected ,the dial up connection box came up ?? when i clicked on cancel it auto. connected to Broadband ?? (sorry, dont have any dial up connections, only 1 Broadband) funny how it happens on (only) the one account. perhaps i will just have to live with it !!!!

  ACOLYTE 12:02 17 Nov 2005

I have BB too and this stops the connections for me,maybe there is another program dialing the connection,have you checked the start folder to see if the dial up connection is in there?.

  Abel 12:05 17 Nov 2005

Assuming you're using IE6 and a dial-up connection, the following may help:
1 Right click the IE Icon
2 Connections Tab
3 Settings Button
4 Properties Button
5 Security Tab
6 Remove tick from 'Connect Automatically'


  roygbiv 13:01 17 Nov 2005

yes I.E.6 but NO "Connect Automatically"

I have been looking around !! found some settings in MSN - personal settings, will experiment with these and see what happens. I have noticed that these settings are different for these 2 accounts . dont know why?? (never seen/changed these)

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