stop alphabetical order......

  thisisnighthawk 21:04 12 Mar 2004

hi do you stop a long list of files (music tracks) all landing up in alphabetical order.. win98se


  GaT7 21:20 12 Mar 2004

Where? In an Explorer window or Media Player? And how would you rather they appear?

  thisisnighthawk 22:01 12 Mar 2004

i want to put the music tracks in my own order in a folder before putting them in a mp3 player. thanks

  GaT7 22:30 12 Mar 2004

Try this:

1. View -> Arrange Icons -> By Date

2. View -> Arrange Icons -> By Size

3. View -> Arrange Icons -> By Size

One/all of the above should mix them up for you.

Can't you change the order once they are in the MP3 player? Sorry may be a stupid question but I know nothing about MP3 players!

  GaT7 22:31 12 Mar 2004

Sorry 3. should read

3. View -> Arrange Icons -> Auto Arrange

  thisisnighthawk 22:35 12 Mar 2004

thanks i will give it a try, I got a iRiver mp3 player, which will hold 15000 tracks of music, so far we have in it 400...the database in the player puts them in order, so i have taken the lot out to start again....... :-((

  emmandelo1 14:00 14 Mar 2004

thisisnighthawk, have tried various ways of doing this. Seems the only sure fire way is to give them file names with a number in front. i.e. "01 - track title - artist", "02 - track title - artist" and so on.

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