Stones & pounds in Excel

  Dirty Dick 10:18 30 Apr 2010

Well, it’s diet time again !!

I’m on a diet and have set up an excel spreadsheet to record my weight loss (or gain !!) . I have column A that records the weight in kilograms, and column B has the weekly weigh-in dates. In column C I have a formula to convert Kilos to Imperial (Stones & pounds) because I am still a dinosaur. The formula I am using is

=IF(A2="","",IF(ROUND(MOD(A2*2.203,14),0)=14,ROUNDDOWN(A2*(2.203/14),0)+1&" st 0 lbs",ROUNDDOWN(A2*(2.203/14),0)&" st "&ROUND(MOD(A2*2.203,14),0)&" lbs"))

This converts to stones & pounds but when I try to do charts, I have no problem with the one in kilos, but the one in Imperial measurements will not register. I think its because column C shows the weight as 10 st 13 lbs (you may think I don’t need to lose weight but this isn’t mine !!)

How can I make a chart that will read the data in Imperial measurements?

Many thanx


  VoG II 10:52 30 Apr 2010

Your values in column C are text, so they won't plot.

See if you can adapt Jon Peltier's approach click here

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