Stoneage Laptop Ressurection

  c_norris1989 18:21 21 Sep 2004

I recently purchased an NEC UltraLite Versa laptop for a very reasonable price all things considered, unfortunately it runs Windows 3.1 for workgroups as, alas, it is 11 years old. No, I'm not mad, it has a colour screen and a decent Hard Disk and the transformer DOESN'T need a book shoving under the plug into the laptop to make the connection work! Anyway. It's only got a floppy drive, and I want to put Windows '95 on it, how can I do this? I'm sure they released a floppy disk version of Win 95 but before I go in search of it I'd very thankful if anyone would confirm this. On the back it's got a Com port, an Lpt port (would this connect to my PC?), mouse and keyboard PS/2 ports and a huge weird D-Shaped one that I have nothing to connect to. That is, provided it would run Win 95, with 8Mb of RAM. Thanks!

  Graham ® 19:48 21 Sep 2004

Windows 95 on floppy disks click here

Not sure of the minimum spec at the moment.

  RangerF150 19:52 21 Sep 2004

Windows 95 weighs in at 595MB . That's a lot of floppies! And the chance of loadin without an error on at least one floppie is slim to nill.

However i would not dispair, what you have got is a nice collectors item,keep it as it is. In no time it will be the last computer running 3.1 in the world!

Have fun with it :-)

  Graham ® 20:00 21 Sep 2004

That's a lot of floppies! 9 to 23, depending on version!

  TomJerry 20:11 21 Sep 2004

You can connect LPT port with your other PC's LPT port. The cable can be bought from for a few pounds. As for software, you need to find old dos version of laplink. Maybe you can search web for something similar.

Once you have link established, you can transfer CD content to old PC if you got enough space. Any then, you can install from there. This only work if your win95 is upgrade one. OEM one cannot be installed in this way.

  jack 20:22 21 Sep 2004

I am sure you will have lots o' fun trying this and that on an old machine.
I would caution you on upgrading a laptop, any laptop away from the designed operating sys spec.
Yes many will work, especially if as you move only one stage 3.1-95 95-98
But the results may be less than impressive, the machine will be lots slower, and the hard drive will have barely enough to save a cap full of docs.
Lappies are made tight to do a good job with what they were designed around. Upgrading can be counter productive, except as a 'fun' project

  TomJerry 20:33 21 Sep 2004

Belkin Pro Series Parallel Direct Cable DB25 Male to DB25 Male 3m £3.14 click here

Belkin Pro Series Serial File Transfer Cable 1.8m £2.23 click here

Laplink V for DOS £26.95 click here

  TomJerry 01:14 22 Sep 2004

learn something new everyday

  c_norris1989 11:04 24 Apr 2005

Well, I've finally finished it. I bought one of those hard drive adapters but it wouldn't let me format the drive when I was using it, so instead I got Windows '95 on floppy disk. For some reason I only got 14, but then, thats all it asked me for. Unfortunately disks 2 and 6 (the two that seem most important) wouldn't work in my laptop but they would in my PC. Why didn't I just copy them? The Windows '95 floppies weren't 1.44Mb. Instead I had to copy bits of them onto a floppy disk whenever setup asked for them! This worked the second time round. All in all I must have spent around 12 hours installing Windows '95, but then I'm sure I clocked up more than that in 1997. Thanks everybody for the help, all I need to do now is work out a way of getting Office '97 onto 58Mb!

  Graham ® 13:46 24 Apr 2005

But wasn't it worth it!

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