stolen email username

  manrow 08:51 09 Nov 2008

From a little googling, it seems that nothing can be done if some smart alec starts using your email username.

It is not the one I use here, and they don't currently have my password.

Is there an answer or do I need to arrange another one and then tell everyone to use that?

  Andsome 09:07 09 Nov 2008

I don't understand how using someone else's complete name is possible. The ISP would not allow it. [email protected] for example could only be used once.

  Andsome 09:12 09 Nov 2008

Further to the above, it would of course be possible for more than one person to use the same user name. For example there is nothing to stop someone else registering at another forum using your user name, but they could NOT use your e mail address. Have I understood your question properly?

  manrow 13:51 09 Nov 2008

Marg7 is right, I am suggesting someone is spoofing my email address to send emails to me; the resultant problem is that I cannot delete them as spam as my email provider would then send ALL emails addressed to me straight to the Spam folder!

I have changed my password by the way, but that will not stop spammers sending emails to my email address!

  DieSse 14:04 09 Nov 2008

"From a little googling, it seems that nothing can be done...."

That's correct. All you can do is change your email address. However spammers can still keep on spoofing you old one.

The more unlikely your email address, the less likely it is to be auto-spoofed (my invented word) - this is where spammers simply guess your name, as in they spoof as dave1, dave2, dave3, dave4 etc etc

  lotvic 14:54 09 Nov 2008

If it is the same email problem as click here in this thread, then a few of us are getting the same spam email. Unwanted emails 'email sent to me from me'

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