stolen comp

  ahales42 00:41 16 Dec 2003

a week ago i built my first comp. a xmas pres for my 12 yr old son. installed xp but did not register it, thinking i`d do it on xmas day. got burgled, took the comp amongst other things. so see these posts asking how to get access to admin passwords, don`t have cd but have product key etc. the thing that really gets me is that they are being given this info by please think before posting. these people could have my bairn`s xmas present.

  Djohn 01:03 16 Dec 2003

ahales42 I'm very sorry to hear this, I hope you have insurance? I now understand why you where being a bit sharp in the other thread regarding "Activation". :o(

  ahales42 01:15 16 Dec 2003

if you`ve ever been burgled then you know there are no words for how you feel.when i seen that post,i thought , that could be my son`s comp! there are people who are trying to get the comps to work. please be more carefull with the posts. please!

  The Spires 01:18 16 Dec 2003

ahales42, very sorry to hear that, being burgled is a dreadful thing to happen, I hope things get sorted as to replacements but that don't make the feelings go away. I will bear in mind your point in the future too. All the best to you in the coming year.

  ahales42 01:35 16 Dec 2003

got a new comp for my son, thanks to a friend. luckily my son does`nt know what happened.i have the product key so will contact microsoft and see what they say. thanks all.

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