Stinger has been updated

  powerless 00:22 12 Oct 2003

click here

Version v1.8.8

Added detections of W32/Pate, and W32/Dumaru.e - .m

  Djohn 00:30 12 Oct 2003

That one is a month old! says 10/10/03 :o(

  powerless 00:33 12 Oct 2003


It is now 12 October (10th month) 2003

  powerless 00:35 12 Oct 2003

oops 10th October.

Not forgetting in US its mm/dd/yy

Or have i lost it?

  Belatucadrus 00:36 12 Oct 2003

If it's November already Djohn I've missed my brothers birthday and am in deep doodoo.

  Djohn 00:42 12 Oct 2003

Lack of sleep on my behalf. Sorry guy's. :o(

suppose I'd better stop decorating the tree for a while. ;o)

  Djohn 00:45 12 Oct 2003

Where's my friend VoG when I need him? he's good with numbers!

  powerless 00:48 12 Oct 2003

He has to an Excel discussion meeting.

  hugh-265156 01:14 12 Oct 2003

lol! for my postings ta.

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