Still problem installing game controller

  Adam Patrick 21:08 25 Nov 2003

Hi again
Cheers for your advice TOSH and Woodchip. I followed your advice TOSH but am still stuck. The problem is there is nothing installed at all to do with game controller. According to the controller instructions, when Windows is running I plug controller into USB terminal. Then I get a couple of windows saying finding driver etc, then the message comes up about inserting Windows CD-ROM (which I haven't got) even before anything has been installed.
If I click OK without inserting anything I get another box with an option to "skip file". Should I do this, or is it risky? Spoke to someone recently who said not to do this if it asks for Windows CD-ROM.
Some help if possible

  Jester2K II 21:12 25 Nov 2003

Please stick to one thread. Close this one and read what i put in the previous one. Its no good having more than one thread for the same problem.

  Jester2K II 21:12 25 Nov 2003

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