Still not working properly

  Ray5776 20:46 04 Dec 2005

Hello everyone.
i can`t believe how much trouble I am having setting up a simple peer to peer network.
Both machines use win2000 pro.
The HOST has a firewall (Zone Alarm) does the CLIENT need a firewall. Please give me a YES or NO answer.
Thanks for your help.


  mgmcc 09:19 05 Dec 2005


...but if your peer-to-peer network isn't working, adding firewall protection isn't going to help you to get the two PCs communicating.

  Ray5776 11:57 05 Dec 2005

The 2 PCs are communicating with each other but the client cant access the internet.


  mgmcc 12:37 05 Dec 2005

As you are using Zone Alarm in the "Host" PC, have you reduced the Internet Security Zone level from High to Medium?

It is essential to do this in the Host PC, otherwise "Internet Connection Sharing" traffic will be blocked.

  Ray5776 12:51 05 Dec 2005

The firewall is definately set to medium, the client
can not access the Internet even with Zone Alarm off.


  mgmcc 13:11 05 Dec 2005

Can the PC you are using as your "client" machine access the internet if it is connected directly to a modem - either broadband or dialup?

The reason I ask is that its TCP/IP may be corrupt, in which case it isn't going to get online whatever you do until that has been repaired.

Now I appreciate that the two PCs are actually talking to one another, but I don't know what other networking protocols you have installed and they may be using something other than TCP/IP, i.e. NetBEUI or IPX/SPX to communicate.

  Ray5776 13:56 05 Dec 2005

The client PC was working Ok on this set up but stopped for some reason. (It was connecting to the Internet). I have unchecked all boxes in properties except.
Client for Microsoft Networks
File and printer sharing
Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)

on both machines, they are still communicating OK apart from the Internet connection.


  mgmcc 21:06 05 Dec 2005

Silly question but, presumably "Internet Connection Sharing" is still enabled on the actual internet connection in the Host PC? It hasn't some how become disabled, or you haven't changed the Host's internet connection so that ICS is now set up on the wrong connection?

  Ray5776 22:27 05 Dec 2005

Hi, Internet connection sharing is enabled on the host (I keep checking this). I haven`t changed the hosts internet connection to my knowledge. Perhaps a bit more info will help but I don`t want confuse things. The one thing I have learnt whilst doing this is never assume anything. The system was working fine yesterday (Sunday) including the internet access. I installed Zone Alarm on the client and then could not get access to the Internet even though the settings were correct. I could not get access if it was disabled or even when I uninstalled it. I have IE6 and Firefox as browsers (re-installed the Firefox today) to no avail. It attempts to make a connection but can`t seem to do it. For example it normally says "Google Not found"
or "page unavailable" Earlier today I got it to bring up a listing of the BBC sites on the screen but I could not access any of them. It seems to take ages before it gives an error message but I am not getting a time out error.
Any help wellcome as I just don`t know, I have done everything I can possibly think of.


  Ray5776 18:01 06 Dec 2005

I can now get this to work if I shut down the firewall on the HOST, only tried it on the client before. ie can get connection with client firewall on but not host as well. Any comments wellcome.
Thanks Ray

  Ray5776 22:06 06 Dec 2005

I am told there is another way to set this up using a proxy but I have no idea how to do this, just want to get an internet connection for my son.


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