still not solved system information

  chippy+ 19:33 16 Oct 2003

hi VoG
tried a solution by pc magazine but what they suggested to do was already done . could tell me where i can get msinfo32.exe i think that may be the problem i tried run and put msinfo in the box but it could 'nt find the file

thanks chippy

  OneSirKnight 19:36 16 Oct 2003

is this any use to here

  powerless 19:37 16 Oct 2003


in the RUN.

Link to you other thread please?

  VoG II 19:37 16 Oct 2003

Do you have a Windows XP CD (not a recovery CD).

If so, Start, Run and type in


exactly as written and click OK.

This will run the System File Checker. It should ask you to insert the Windows CD when it encounters a missing Windows file.

  VoG II 19:39 16 Oct 2003

Link to earlier thread click here

  Gongoozler 19:40 16 Oct 2003

Hi chippy+. Is this a continuation of a thread. If it is, it's better to add it as a posting within that thread so that we can see the whole story. I think msinfo32.exe is a Windows 98 file. It is in the folder C:\WINDOWS\MSAPPS\MSINFO

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