Still no sound...but may be a step nearer

  Paul-Hasn't-a-PC-clue 11:21 03 Oct 2003

SMEGS or anyone else..:)
In System Information there is a yellow exclimation mark "PCI Universal serial bus" in Other devices. Is this my sound card? I really don't know

(For thoes who have not read what my problem is I have no sound on my PC, and no indication that it can make sounds, with all 'volume boxes' not responding)

(Also may I ask is it better to start a new subject if you come back on PC advisor the next day?, or continue with your original thread???

  Paul-Hasn't-a-PC-clue 11:54 03 Oct 2003

I have descovered that the driver for this device is not installed. I have tried to install it off C drive to no avail.

The only 'disks' I have are floppy...I have
modem utility disk
Legacy Install Disk & windows 95 drivers
Atapi Device driver
Intel 82430 FX/HX/VX Bus master drivers???

What are all these and will they help me in my quest?

  smegs 12:06 03 Oct 2003

It sounds to me, that U have got a Modem\Sound card. Please anyone tell me if I'm wrong. Go back to where the exclimation mark is, and delete it. Reboot your pc. The pc then should pick this up and you'll need to reinstall the drivers. It's better to stay with the old thread.

  Taff36 12:07 03 Oct 2003

If thats the name of the PCI Bus in the devices I`m pretty certain its the last one you need - try loading the drivers from there.

  Paul-Hasn't-a-PC-clue 13:08 03 Oct 2003

Removed Universal serial bus, rebooted, and it disapeared. Put in Intel 82430 FX/HX/VX Bus master drivers disk. But still can't locate driver?
The modem is broadband from cable company...If this helps....

  Paul-Hasn't-a-PC-clue 13:11 03 Oct 2003

My username was banned (smeghead), and it took a lot of pleading with the moderator to get me back on line. Hence the new name

  smegs 13:31 03 Oct 2003

Ok m8. U didn't say U had BB. In Ur system Information, what does it say in Sounds, Video and Games Controllers? Do U have anything saying what Ur sound system is?

  Paul-Hasn't-a-PC-clue 13:43 03 Oct 2003

There's the keyboard and mouse stuff but no Sounds, Video and Games Controllers????

I have been dead careful since having the thing sorted not to delete anything that may be important. Can't see that I have deleted this without knowing it.

  smegs 14:20 03 Oct 2003

U need to re-install Ur drivers for the sound card. Did U make a note of what Ur sound card was?

  Paul-Hasn't-a-PC-clue 15:44 03 Oct 2003

I think I have established that I need to install my sound driver. But when I try it asks where I want to install from. I tick all drives, but it failes to detect a driver.
Surly something as basic as the standard volume control can be downloaded from the net (or am I far too optomistic)
Still in hope

  Paul-Hasn't-a-PC-clue 15:51 03 Oct 2003

when I try and play a sound

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