Still having problems with Nero & CloneDVD

  Large JD 18:19 30 Mar 2005

I am typing this as tears of frustration drown my keyboard. Can anyone help!!
New system is as follows.
XP pro os,
MB=MSI MS7025,
DVD-ROM=Asus E616p2,
DVD burner= Emprex 16x.

Old System same drives but Asus A7V333 MB.

For some reason on this new system everytime i try to backup a dvd, using either cloneDVD of nero, it takes inexcess of an hour just to burn the disc, thats if clone dosen't lock my system first. Yet on my old system same XP pro os same clone, same nero, same drives, no problems.
I have tried the burner and rom set up as master and slave on both the primary and secondary controller but still no joy.
I have purchased a new burner Liteon sohw-1673, still no joy.
I would appreciate any guidance
Desperate JD

  User-312386 18:24 30 Mar 2005

you trying to copy same dvd though?

  BRYNIT 18:34 30 Mar 2005

Thinking back to other threads. When you changed your M/board did you do a clean install with M/board drivers or did you just swop the M/board.

  User-312386 18:45 30 Mar 2005

I hope he/she did a clean install

  Large JD 18:55 30 Mar 2005

Hi, BRYNIT, madboy33
System was complete new build, new case, clean install of XP pro, on new sata HD, then just swopped drives from old system into new. No sata HD on old system, just ide.

  TomJerry 19:25 30 Mar 2005

it should set as DMA, if it set as PIO, the tranfer will be very slow, this is assume that your motherboard support DMA

control panel, system, hardware, device manager, click IDE controller, right click the channel you connect DVD writer, select properties, select advanced setting, the you can see the transfer mode

you may need to get into bios to enable DMA for the IDE controller

  Large JD 19:45 30 Mar 2005

Hi Tomjerry,
Drives are set up as follows
DVD burner secondary, Multi-word DMA2, let bios select transfer mode.
DVD-ROM secondary slave, Multi-word DMA1, let bios select transfer mode.

  User-312386 21:52 30 Mar 2005

Little confused here

Are you making an image or burning direct to DVD?

  Large JD 15:46 02 Apr 2005

Sorry for the delay on reply, been away for a couple of days.

In reply to madboy33©®, it's when i am making a backup disc, i.e. making a backup copy of a pre-recorded dvd movie.
as you know, Clone/nero recodes it to fit on the smaller disc. with clone the recode time is fine, its the actual burn time that is taking over an hour. Nero just locks up.

  TomJerry 18:48 02 Apr 2005

if I understand its website info correctly

give it a try

  slimbo51 19:58 02 Apr 2005

I find DVD Shrink a much better prog for copying as it seems to work alot better with nero.

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