Still have a problem after Bofra attack

  TOPCAT® 22:24 22 Nov 2004

Cleared all signs of Bofra from the PC but now find Setup is constantly "updating your system configuration files" on boot up or restart. This means I cannot now re-enable System Restore, which was disabled to run the anti-virus tools that checked for Bofra. Every time I tried to open SR I was requested to restart my computer, ad infinitum.

I've methodically shut down everything running save for Systray and Explorer but still the same result. Got to be some file(s) corrupted/damaged or missing I would think. OS is Me. Any ideas anyone? TC.

  JIM 23:10 22 Nov 2004

you believe all signs of Bofra is gone so have you run HijackThis to see if there is anything untoward in the log still lurking around.


  JIM 23:34 22 Nov 2004

and possibly do some manual looking around.

This section is for technical experts who want to know more.

click here

  Zion_Lion 00:30 23 Nov 2004

Hi mate... you could try this method to enable sys restore

click here

  TOPCAT® 00:31 23 Nov 2004

Did a search for Hijack which turned up NoAdware. Fired that up and it came up with:

ISTbar/PowerscanHkey_Local_Machine\software\clRegKey. Rated "Severe" Looked in the registry but can't find it and to clear this key with NoAdware will cost me $30! TC.

  TOPCAT® 00:40 23 Nov 2004

Thanks but I'm not running WinXP - I've looked but WinMe has a different registry layout. TC.

  Zion_Lion 01:13 23 Nov 2004

Sorry mate... I've got xp on the brain tonight.
Went to look for ME but instead typed XP... DOH!

  TOPCAT® 10:10 23 Nov 2004


  bertiecharlie 11:10 23 Nov 2004

NoAdaware is on this list so I would stay clear of it click here HijackThis is available from click here You can get your HijackThis log interpreted at the TomCoyote Forum click here or Nellie2 might be able to have a look at it here. (I believe Nellie2 does her good works at the TomCoyote Forum).

There are a whole host of online virus scanners so if you want a list, and the links, just post back.

I know you are using ME so to check your systemfiles and replace any that are missing I think there is a prompt you can run similar to sfc scannow in XP so will have a look for this and get back to you.

  bertiecharlie 11:21 23 Nov 2004

SFC only seems to be available for 98 and XP I'm afraid. You can replace individual files in ME using the System Configuration Utility but the trouble is pinpointing which file needs to be replaced.

  JIM 12:10 23 Nov 2004

Have you tried to re-enable System Restore via the safe mode?If you can would suggest doing a full virus scan before enabling SR.

When you say you, "methodically shut down everything running" etc.Was that done through Msconfig?(sorry for ?'s)

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