still constantly getting this message!

  kayell1 13:12 01 Aug 2008

Hi all....I have been getting a pop up window all the time saying that there is an 'INTERNET EXPLORER SCRIPT ERROR' and I am given the option of continuing on this takes me three or more clicks on 'YES' to delete the pop up. What is causing this please? I have been into Internet Explorer page and then in to the 'advanced' tab. There is a tick in the box against 'disable script debugging..internet explorer' and in the box 'disable script debugging ...other'.
Can anyone tell me what is causing the constant widow pop-up as it is there all the time and is enough to make you want to throw the PC at the wall.
thanks for any help.

  DippyGirl 13:25 01 Aug 2008

Have you got "Display a notification about every script error" unchecked ?
Cause can be manyfold - downlevel software/drivers, blocked Applets/ActiveX/Scripts
or just bad website code
But if it is there all the time it suggests a settings problem - or something is being blocked (firewall/AV)
I use Firefox and have very few problems on the sites I visit - unless they are coded specifically for IE ... if thats the case I just move on and wont go back

  kayell1 19:36 01 Aug 2008

Hi Dippygirl...I do have the box for "Display a notification about every script error" unchecked.
I use 'F Secure Internet Security' for my virus protection etc and have been using it for a year now. The problem with the internet explorer pop up has only been around for the last month or so.
Still at a loss to understand what is going wrong.

  DippyGirl 13:22 02 Aug 2008

Is it all sites?
If no have you an example of where it pops?

  kayell1 19:18 02 Aug 2008

seems to pop up all the time but I will try to narrow it down a bit.

  DippyGirl 09:59 04 Aug 2008

Which Browser are you using?
If IE what is the privacy setting ?
Tools > Internet Options > Privacy
If High ActiveX controls can get disabled
- try medium
Also have you tried clearing all temp internet files, cookies and history. If you clear cookies when you revisit a site it will be as for the first time

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