****Still cant format Hard Drive!!!****

  bigdamouk 09:16 27 Feb 2003

For some reason i cant format my hard drive, i posted a topic about a month ago, and got some help which i have followed but none have worked.

Every time i try to format and type "format c:" it comes up with a bad command or file line.

ive made sure the command is transfered on to the boot disk, but still no luck.

ive tried the boot disk that was supplied with the recovery disk and also created my own.

i can re-install my O/S (which is M.E) from the recovery disk, but i want to do a full unconditional format.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  bdub 09:20 27 Feb 2003

When I had this problem I opened in dos from win98 and typed format C:/U with a gap after format

  MAJ 09:22 27 Feb 2003

Are you typing "format c:" or format c: (without the quotes)? Don't type the quotes.

  bigdamouk 09:23 27 Feb 2003

without the quotes :D

  Djohn 09:24 27 Feb 2003

bigdamouk, try booting with floppy in drive, so that you are presented with the A: prompt. then type.

Format C:

Note the space betwen format & C:

  DieSse 09:26 27 Feb 2003

When you start from the boot disk, you system should after booting up, be sitting on the A prompt so-


Is it?

Then type dir form*.* (ret)

The system should respond with a listing showing that the format.com program is on the floppy disk

Is it?

Then type format c: (ret)

It should start the format.

The only other possibility is that for some reason your main hard drive is not C - but do the above forst, and tell us exectly what happens at each stage. (ret) = hit the Return/Enter key.

  bigdamouk 09:26 27 Feb 2003

thanks djohn...thats exactly how ive been doing it...still get the bad command or file

  medicine hat 09:32 27 Feb 2003

I am wandering if you have copied over the wrong FORMAT file. I did that at the weekend but got the useful message along the lines that it would not work in that version of windows (mixing up XP and ME over 2 PCs). Did you copy FORMAT from the WINDOWS/COMMAND folder? (sorry if it already says that in your earlier thread - may be useful to include a link)

  bigdamouk 09:40 27 Feb 2003

Thank u Folks for all the help....its now fomatting as we speak.

Thanks DieSse and Medicine hat, both were spot on!

Thanks to the other guys for responding aswell! :D

Its why i LOVE this site!


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