STILL can't access MS Update Site...Any ideas?

  GibsonSt19 20:25 27 Aug 2003

Hiya people, is anyone else experiencing this?

It's been about a week now of constant trying, but I've not been able to connect to update.

Thanks guys and gals

  the lone cloner 20:31 27 Aug 2003

tryclick here may be of help to you.

  GibsonSt19 20:34 27 Aug 2003

However, it's not really what I'm looking for

I need my PC to autoupdate also, however it's not doing this either :(

Any ideas?

  Bertie B 20:34 27 Aug 2003

Just accessed and scanned for updates - no problem at all - did so aas well on my daughter's PC a few nights ago!!

What OS are you using? Is it one that is affected by the Blaster Worm, etc.? Have you updated your ant-virus software?

  GibsonSt19 21:31 27 Aug 2003

I have a feeling that with all the viri flying arounda the moment, it's going to be best practice to keep the 'puter updated.

Anyone else experiencing this?

  Ironman556 21:49 27 Aug 2003

MS are discontinuing support for 98, I've not been ale to get download on 98 for a while without getting error messages.

  GibsonSt19 21:50 27 Aug 2003

Surely they're not discontinuing support for this?!

  Gaz 25 21:52 27 Aug 2003

click here for updates.

And YES, microsoftare NOT supporting 98 anymore, so no updates for 98.

  krypt1c 21:55 27 Aug 2003

This link suggests upport ceases for windowsxx [email protected]/msg03934.html" title="[email protected]/msg03934.html" TARGET="_new">click here
I suspect for some os they won't issue any updates. I have no problem using windows update for W2k

  fred 21:56 27 Aug 2003

I had a message saying thank you for your interest in windows update you must be using windows to use this system (os similar words) I found that Internet security was set to hide the operating system. Changed this setting and updates work as normal.

  GibsonSt19 22:02 27 Aug 2003

However this has made no difference :(

It's only since I 'contracted' Blaster that this has been happening, however I successfully removed it and updated my NAV definitions. I have also used Ad-aware to ensure no naughty software is resticting found nothing.

This is doing my nut in, as all I want to do is visit the update site and choose some non-critical updates, as well as download all the critical stuff too.

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