still beeping

  User-994545 15:27 29 Jun 2007

my pavillion still beeping,once a second every second, from windows is starting up,to windows is shutting down.ive got 2 x 512 ram,which ive reseated,tryed with 1 card out then the other out .but no result,the fans appear to be turning fine,and the computer works fine,except for when i attempt to access the dvd /rw drive (E).i get E:\ is not accessable incorrect funtion.but it reads off cd ok.could the beeping have anything to do with this.foned hp .who said back everything up and they would fix it under garentee,? have they actualy tryed backing up 80 gig,without another computer. ide drather live with the beep. if youve got this far thanks for reading

  keef66 15:59 29 Jun 2007

suggest you buy or borrow a usb external hard drive (250 gb drives about £50 now)and back up the entire HDD, then let HP sort it out.

  mikesuther 19:06 29 Jun 2007

Hi, I am unsure if your unit is a pc or a notebook, but have you checked the all of the keys on the keyboard?

it is possible that you may have a key stuck down. it may sound unlikely but it is worth a try. If it is a pc try a diffent key board or try system restore to a time before when you had the problem.



  mrwoowoo 19:18 29 Jun 2007

have you tried unplugging the dvd /rw drive to see if it still beeps?
Or you could borrow one to try.
If you just need a new rw drive then they will just stick a new one in for you.The back up will not then be needed as your hard drive will not be affected.It's just to cover them in case of lost data.

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