Still appears to be a problem with AVG updates

  pj123 13:34 27 Mar 2004

Re this previous thread. click here

I have had 3 people who I recommended AVG ring me saying they still can't get any updates (probably because the server is overloaded). One of them waiting for quite a while before aborting the attempt. I have found the best way is to download the complete free edition again and then uninstall the existing version and re-install the new version. I am on Broadband at 600kbs and downloaded the free version and saved to CD and have now been to all three and done just that.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 13:40 27 Mar 2004

I have not any any probs updateing avg although i do have version 7 not 6 dont know if that would make a difference.


  hugh-265156 13:46 27 Mar 2004

i use the free version and the server has been a bit slow lately but it does still work.longest i have had to wait is 30-40 secs for it to kick in.

how would uninstalling and re instaling avg speed up a overloaded server?

  colberly 13:50 27 Mar 2004

I use the free version and if automatic update is rather slow and proving difficult I just go to the grisoft US site and download manually with no problems whatsoever.

  leo49 13:53 27 Mar 2004

Sorry but it strikes me a very tedious way of doing it.There was a thread yesterday giving info on how to switch download servers which many folk said worked or download the update manually.

As huggyg71 implies, seems a bit daft to further burden an overloaded server.

  pj123 13:53 27 Mar 2004

huggyg71. Thanks for that. Re the server, I don't know but maybe because updates come from and the complete download comes from (both with www in front of course). You say 30 - 40 seconds, well I tried an update and it took 2 minutes 13 seconds to start and I am on Broadband???

  anon1 13:53 27 Mar 2004

I use 7 and I have had problems. It shows updates available but hen when you go to get it it disconnects from the server and tells me the internet connection failed. I have been doing manual downloads but last night it actually worked on the second attempt automatically.

  hugh-265156 14:02 27 Mar 2004

yeah but after you download complete free avg again you still need to update it though afterwards dont

just checked for update myself and it took 38 secs to tell me im up to date.

it has timed out in the past though,i just check again later if its busy.

  Nosmas 14:35 27 Mar 2004

Have a look at this thread click here and scroll down to the post from BurrWalnut on 05/03/04 @ 13:40hrs. Make a copy of your url.ini file first, then do exactly what he lists and make sure you have all ten lines (including 1 blank line) in that file.

This mod does work and personally I have found that setting the Update Manager to the click here download server is normally very quick and virtually no delays experienced. If it is slow you can always switch to one of the other two servers.

  Chronos 14:37 27 Mar 2004

just got the latest "free" update down, bit like the old days, this one needs a restart..

  Nosmas 14:38 27 Mar 2004

Sorry! The second link should be click here (finger trouble!)

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