Stiff card ads in magazines

  Dorsai 19:58 06 Jun 2004

Does anyone else find the ads in computer mags that are printed on card really annoying? they normally fold out to two or three pages.

When you try to read the mag the card keeps making the mag flip to the page at which the ad has been stuck into. This means you can't read the mag as the pages won't stay where you put them. Do you do what I do and tear them streight out and chuck them in the bin, un-read? If so let the mag and me know- company's pay to put the ad into the mag, and I chuck it in the bin, unread.

comments please!

  Fruit Bat 20:05 06 Jun 2004

First job when I get each new issue of PCA is to go through ripping out all the card ads and paper ads that get in the way of articles I'm trying to read.


  Andybear 20:06 06 Jun 2004

This is very common and also happens to the AOL / Tiscali cd's that are put on the front of / inside pc mags. We all do it.

  Eastender 21:37 06 Jun 2004

I cancelled my subscription to a mag that continued to stick Tiscali disks to pages with super snot, ruining anything that was on the other side of the page.

  shaduf 21:42 06 Jun 2004

Yep - I do it as well.
As soon as the mag arrives I tear off the polythene cover and flick the pages. If it stops at any page or series of pages, out they come together with any discs. Only when the mag is as nature intended does it get placed on the pile ready for reading. I have done this for as long as I remember so if we are all doing it a lot of monies being wasted.


  Forum Editor 23:06 06 Jun 2004

the fact that these forms of advertising are still being used must mean they're effective mustn't it? Hard-headed corporate marketing people don't spend their advertising budgets foolishly - a great deal of market research goes on to find out which forms of advertising work the best.

  SGT [email protected] 23:52 06 Jun 2004

best thing to do with all those bloody cd's is to keep hold of em for a while til you've a nice stack of em , add a few old cover cd's you dont use and anything else that would usually get chucked and take the whole lot to the nearest nursury school and give em to them , the kids make all sorts of things with tem.

last time i had a clear out , i gave about 100 cd's to my sons school and they made clocks with them.

it keeps the kids entertained and saves them a few quid.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:09 07 Jun 2004

It is truly amazing what perturbs some people.


  Andybear 07:20 07 Jun 2004

It is truly amazing the say some people can never say anything nice.

  Bowsprit 08:28 07 Jun 2004

I don't think that the comments from dorsai and the others could be classed as nice or nasty. They were merely expressing a legitimate annoyance which i for one fully share.I also have to disagree with what the FE has said as many of the adverts now shown on TV, eg people running around without heads etc.are in my opinion counter productive.

  Sethhaniel 08:43 07 Jun 2004

you can flick the channell
We just have to hope that with all the Modern advancments we don't open the pages of PCA and find the advert spoken to us - like those annoying greeting cards ;'}

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