Sticky DVD Drive - even the replacement

  swapper 07:37 10 Sep 2013

Hello, Windows xppro, My Tower is quite old, but has had a new motherboard in the last four years. For a long time the dvd drive was sticking (even before the new board), but could be used o.k. by using a pin to open the drive. I eventually got fed up with it and early this year replaced it with a TTST Corp CDDVDW SH-2224BB drive, which is now doing exactly the same thing, sticking. Any advice please? Thanks

  Press Man 09:08 10 Sep 2013

Does it fit correctly in the case? Can you try and connect it so it is not influenced by the case i.e. do not tighten the fixing screws, or better still outside of the case just to see if the dvd drawer opens and closes smoothly.

  bumpkin 11:42 10 Sep 2013

Have you tried using the on screen eject tab instead of the button on the case.

  bumpkin 12:17 10 Sep 2013

Also try it with just the power cable connected, as it was also happening with the old drive may well be software.

  swapper 07:44 11 Sep 2013

Thank you all, I will check each Ietm and come back.

  swapper 12:04 11 Sep 2013

I don't know!

I did as suggested above, also put it on power in another machine.

I also removed the front silver cover and drawer cover, with the same result, the drawer sticks, so it is the drive, but why should it occure on two drives (the old and the new)?

btw bumpkin, what do you mean by the screen eject tab?


  Press Man 13:01 11 Sep 2013

Was the drive okay when first fitted and used?

  Press Man 13:01 11 Sep 2013

Was the drive okay when first fitted and used?

  bumpkin 13:10 11 Sep 2013

Click My Computer, right click on the CD drive, click on the eject option.

  bumpkin 13:14 11 Sep 2013

Was this a new drive when you first fitted it?

  bumpkin 13:44 11 Sep 2013

The fact that it has happened to two drives is what puzzles me also, which is why I was thinking it could be your CD burning software. Now sounds like the little plastic gears if you have tried it in another machine. Does anyone else use this PC and maybe pushes the tray in a bit too hard.

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