Stereo sound on my PC doesn't work

  Nadraen 15:27 20 Apr 2018

Hello there, about a week ago, I found out that my PC won't play stereo sound. I used this test in order to find out(click here I first realized this while playing Fortnite and Counterstrike. First, I tought this was an issue with my Hyper X headset, however the sound test above worked on both mobile and laptop. Nonetheless I asked their customer service for advice and we tried many things, without success. Here's all we tried: Downloaded a new firmware for the headset, deacitvated all other sound devices, checked the in-game settings and deleted Teamspeak. As said: nothing worked. Now i'm kind of lost and have no idea where to find the solution for my problem. I really hope somebody can help.

  Nadraen 16:51 30 Apr 2018

Thanks for the answer, but it didn't work. I also tried re-installing windows, however also without success. still looking for a solution

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