Steam installation problem

  mogwai 16:16 05 Dec 2003

I have just spent about 11 hours downloading steam (for playing cs seems all the servers are going over to this, having played on gamespy the last year or so and the servers seem to have dropped dramatically, also need to update cs and DoD) the problem is when I try to install Steam I get the error message
"could not initialize installation. File expected=758511812, size returned 506112243. Cannot create a file when that file already exists." Anyone know what the problem is, did it not download the whole file and will I have to start the download all over again (groan)

Tried a remove and install of half life/ CS completely?

Could be that u need to remove all elements and so then install the 1.6 patch.

If that doesnt work perhap's another download may be required i am afraid...

But if that is the problem report back here and i may be able to download and send it up on CD to you.

  mogwai 17:45 05 Dec 2003

cheers ill try that ill have to wait though cos my mate has borrowed half life at the mo so ill have to wait till i can pop round and pick it up cheers for the advice :-)

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