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  Yarden_HHH 16:42 20 Feb 2009

last night i was trying to login into my user in steam
and for some reason
i cant
my freinds are gone
my groups
The group i created is still Exicst
my info that i wroted on my user is still Exicst
and the picture is still Excist

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  wolfie3000 18:12 20 Feb 2009

Peer 2 peer software is well known to cause problems with steam connections, if you have any running then switch it off,

Other than that, its the usual checking wifi connections, firewall, ect....

If there is a problem with your account then contact steam to see what the problem is.

  Yarden_HHH 14:01 21 Feb 2009

i told steam i wroted an ticket
but still no answer
i bught orange box and L4D
so that's not fair that i dont get any help with my accounent

  tullie 14:43 21 Feb 2009

As Wolfie suggested,contact steam.Sorry i cant help,cant make much sense of your post,someone that uses steam may be able to understand the problem,sorry i cant help.I apologise if english isent your first language

  Yarden_HHH 23:09 21 Feb 2009

it isn't
but thanks any way
i hope someone that has steam would help

  Graham. 23:31 21 Feb 2009
  Graham. 23:33 21 Feb 2009

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  Kevscar1 07:19 22 Feb 2009

Maybe problem at their end could not get store page to load last night. Kept saying Navigation Cancelled. Just tried again no luck also Community Page and that won't load either.

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