Steam - Dedicated Server - Origo ADSL router

  [dtcs] [email protected] 12:27 05 Dec 2004


I have an Origo adsl asr-8400 router. (click here) I want to start a dedicated server on steam running counter-strike. However, when i set it up, i can access the server but it doesn't come up in anyone elses server list. When i am on the server setup screen, i select, network - internet and UDP port - 27015....which is default. I then start the server and it says that my server address is - that correct?

I presume it is my router which is causing it not to show up in other peoples server lists (even though it does in mine) as when i use my modem supplied by works fine!

help would be appreciated, dan

  ACOLYTE 12:34 05 Dec 2004

I think you have answered your own question,the router is prolly blocking you ip address,and thus not letting the server forward the info on.
to find you true ip addy try this,click here ,i dout the one showing on the server is your real one.

  [dtcs] [email protected] 18:45 05 Dec 2004

yea its different...but how do i change it to that in the dedicated server?

Thanks for the info btw.

  [DELETED] 18:48 05 Dec 2004

I suggest emailing valve support about this as I doubt you are the first to have this problem.

It will take them a while, a week or two, to respond but I am sure you will get a satisfactory response eventually!

  [dtcs] [email protected] 23:05 05 Dec 2004

okay, thanks for the advice mate..ill do that now.

  vinnyT 11:35 06 Dec 2004

Hi, I know you've checked this as resolved, but you may like to have a look at the exiled gamers forum at click here they have a forum dedicated to Half-Life2 and may have the answer to your Q.

  ACOLYTE 12:47 06 Dec 2004

This isnt exactly for hl2 but its a good guide for setting up servers with firewalls/routers.

click here

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