Steam & Civilization V

  Ghylly46 17:32 26 Nov 2010

What is Steam and do I have to load it to run Civilization V? What are the implications if I dont load it?

  GaT7 17:49 26 Nov 2010

"Steam is a digital distribution, digital rights management, multiplayer and communications platform developed by the Valve Corporation. It is used to distribute games and related media online, from small independent developers to larger software houses. Steam also has community features, automated game updates, and in-game voice and chat functionality.....". More at click here.

AFAIK, you only need to use/load Steam to play a game if you purchased it via their website click here. G

  letsgetrdy 05:01 27 Nov 2010

Civ V is a steam game, so you need to run steam to play it, You can run steam in offline mode which may suit you more. Or if you look in the right place there are certain .DLLs files that remove the need for steam to be active. Steam generally doesn't use much resources when you've closed its windows and all you have is a little taskbar icon indicating its running. If you play games on pc and you don't use steam now, trust me, you will one day. It's slowly taking over the world. Around 3 million people use steam at its peak all during a day.

  QuizMan 11:52 27 Nov 2010

You need Steam to play Civ 5. Assuming you buy the boxed version of Civ 5, you load the game via the DVD-rom. If you have not already installed Steam, it will prompt you to do so and after that it is a case of following on-screen prompts. You need to be connected to the internet the whole time.

You play the game via Steam without the need to insert the DVD ever again. Here is the main discussion forum for the game click here. Be patient when accessing the link for the first time, it loads a sponsorship message first.

  QuizMan 11:56 27 Nov 2010

By the way, if you have played the previous incarnations of Civilisation, it is generally reckoned by afficionados not to be as good - a view I share.

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