Stationery in OE6

  Completealias 16:37 14 Mar 2005

Have found out how to make my own stationary in OE6 no probs there.

Trouble is when I send it to anyone using a web based email account then they get the pic that I have used for the stationary as an attachment. Is there anyway around this? Or is this just how it is?

Or does anyone out there know of a way that I can send my own personalised email format either from a web based account or from OE6 to both client and web based email.

Thanks all

  Completealias 11:17 15 Mar 2005

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Anyone know of a way around this?


  buscrew 12:50 15 Mar 2005

Not a 100% sure but I think you have to send it as HTML, instead of RTF format.Should be an option to change this in e-mail settings.

  brambles 20:52 15 Mar 2005

You can only use stationery in messages that are sent in Rich Text (HTML) format. To make sure HTML formatting is turned on, on the Format menu in a new message window, click Rich Text (HTML). A black dot appears by the command when it is selected.


  canard 21:15 15 Mar 2005

The recipent needs Rich text turned in in OE and HTML in for other webmail. Some of these do not offer the HTML option.

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