Stationary and linked Bluetooth speakers query

  Christian James Wynne 23:50 03 Apr 2018


I am looking at what options there are to have two linked Bluetooth speakers, connected to my iMac desktop which I can have powered on all the time (so as to not have to turn on everytime I want to use them) which I can control independently from the IMac.

I am looking to make sure the speakers are high and out of reach (as I run a hostel) so don’t want to have to touch them once linked to iMac on a daily basis. They will be in two different communal areas, hence wanting to control volume to each of them from desktop.

I am not looking for amazing (and therefore expensive) speakers, and a lot of the ones I read for less than £100 will do the trick. I currently use 1 x UE Boom 2 which is great, but fear it will be swiped and if I put high out of reach, even if powered up to mains and I’ll still have to get up there every day to turn on manually.

Can anyone assist? Not looking to really spend more than £150 for the two and must be Bluetooth (can’t use wireless).


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