static on new buils

  futurhead 21:22 17 Apr 2005

i`m about to build my first pc and need advice on static . i`ve bought a anti static wrist band but shld i be taking more precautions. i`ve read in a book before installing the board i should connect the cpu/heatsink/fan and the ram but i should lay the board on some baking foil and use a crocodile clip connecting to the this needed.not seen much mention of static on here.

what precautions do other people take.

  DieSse 21:24 17 Apr 2005

Laying the board on baking foil semms pretty nutty to me - it could short out across the battery!

  sat481 21:29 17 Apr 2005

I very rarely use anti-static mats and bands since I just end up tangling myself up in them. Just be careful and aviod touching any of the components on the board and you'll be fine. I've been playing with electronics for 12 years and so far had no trouble with this method.

Take care


  futurhead 21:31 17 Apr 2005

i did think that it sounded strange.reading an artical on builds it keep saying `be carefull not to short out the board`. i`ll be giving that bit of advise a miss.

  octal 21:34 17 Apr 2005

I work on static sensitive equipment everyday, If you clip your wrist strap to the frame of your computer then remove the component from the anti-static bag you'll have no problems as it will make sure everything is at the same potential.

I've never had any popped components using this method.

Under no circumstances work on your computer with it plugged into the mains, but switched off at the mains, this is baloney and down right dangerous, this in case some one is thinking of mentioning it.

  futurhead 21:35 17 Apr 2005

sat481 you sound like a brave man .i`ll give the wrist strape a go. i`m a very unlucky man!

cheers though the fear of messing it up is reduced.

  futurhead 21:38 17 Apr 2005

duly noted . no plug in mains . this book by r.a penfold seems to have been a waste of money.

  octal 21:45 17 Apr 2005

I'll just add a note here as well about CMOS devices, normally when they are wired into their respective printed circuit boards, they are naturally buffered against static because of the surrounding components usually form a very low impedance for static to drain away, the biggest problem is when individual components are being populated on a PCB when static problems arise.

  Joe R 21:47 17 Apr 2005


The best place to sit your mobo, is on the soft foam that, usually sits under the board, when packaged.

If you strap your wristband to the inside frame of your case, then you should not have any problems with static.

I have used this method for a few years now, and have never come across any problems.

If you atrap your wristband near the top, around the power supply, it will afford you unhindered access to the case.

  futurhead 21:54 17 Apr 2005

cool foams ok. got plenty of foam from some very effecient ( if not paranoid ) online stores when they sent my collection of components.

  Belatucadrus 21:55 17 Apr 2005

click here is useful reading, suggests care on grounding yourself and recommends using a wrist strap. But nothing on baking foil.
When I did mine, I installed the MOBO in the case first, then installed the components, but I suppose poor access with some cases could make that impractical.

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