Static IP & Network Performance

  kentylad 09:35 06 Aug 2006

Since migrating my home network to using static IPS, my network performance & download rates have degraded significantly.

Previously I was getting download rates from the internet of 220kbps+ however now I'm lucky to get 40kbps.

Any ideas why this might be?

  mgmcc 12:17 06 Aug 2006

Using static IP addresses should not in itself have an impact on data transfer performance. If you are using fixed addresses throughout the entire network, make sure that you use addresses outside the router's DHCP pool (the range from which it allocates addresses) or disable its DHCP server. There shouldn't be a problem with addresses, but it is safer to avoid a conflict with the router's DHCP range.

  kentylad 12:25 06 Aug 2006

I don't think there should be a conflict with the routers DHCP pool and the static IPs. The router's DHCP server is still enabled, with network addresses starting at (router's IP is with only 5 DHCP users allowed (very small network).
The static IP addresses start from

  HandyAndy007 10:07 07 Aug 2006

I'm assuming you are using MS-Windows and not UNIX.
So if you go back to DHCP it speeds up again right?
If yes, then check all the other settings - when you uncheck the "use DHCP" box you then set up the TCP/IP settings which include the DNS and gateway, etc There's a whole bucnch of other settings and advanced setting too which you can check but check the obvious first.
If you can't get anywhere you may which to use some tools under DOS such as traceroute to see how packets are travelling around.
Any reason why you don't want to use DHCP?


  Gaz 25 01:39 09 Aug 2006

It's DNS... assign them automatically again...

go to start > run > cmd

type in command prompt: ipconfig /all

Under Primary & Secondary DNS server, note these down.

Then enter these in the DNS textbox area on the TCP/IP properties dialog.

  HandyAndy007 12:05 09 Aug 2006

yes, gaz is right, ipconfig /all is usefull to take a peek at what your settings are currently. They may show that the DNS and gateway info is currently unset or just wrong. ipconfig has a few useful other options which can help when using DHCP too but... As here has been no response from the original poster for a while, then I don't think it is worth continuing until Kentylad comes back with more details, then we can try to help again.


  kentylad 18:28 09 Aug 2006

Apologies for the lack of response however thank you for your continued input.

HandyAny: I am using MS Windows XP and am configuring a wireless network. I haven't reverted back to DHCP however I can safely say the only correlation to a downfall in performance links to the fact I transferred from DHCP -> static IPs.

In a nutshell, all the DNS servers identified using IPCONFIG /ALL are now present under 'Advanced TCP/IP Settings > DNS' for the connection concerned.
I still have DHCP enabled on the router, with IPs ranging from > (it's a small network of 3 computers).
The 'DHCP Client' settings under 'Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services' is set to 'Started' and 'Startup type' as 'Automatic'. Disabling this has no effect.

The network seems to work fine (i.e. file transfer and printer sharing), it's just the internet that seems to have been affected.

Hope this is enough information?

  HandyAndy007 11:26 11 Aug 2006

so what you are saying is that internally, your network is behaving fine either dhcp or non-dhcp. But you see degraded performance outside and beyond your router/modem ie. Web, etc. when _not_ using DHCP?

If the above is true, then I still feel it is a problem with the TCP/IP settings when setup manually.

Do you have any other applications you can run just to rule out Internet explorer (if that's what you use), settings?

Going back to your first post...
It seems you are concerned with download rates - I'm guessing we are talking torrents, etc.?
There are a number of factors that can affect your estimated Kbps download rate which could be a completely different issue.
I suggest you do some other tests such as a network speed test offered by many such as:
click here
click here

it's just a test you can use for a guide to how the performace is to your router.


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