Is Static IP in Berlin on Cable Internet Possible?

  AndyBC 10:26 07 May 2009

Hi there

so here is my situation. I am in Berlin, I need to connect to my office in London via VPN. So I need a static IP for two reasons: 1 - so I don't have to email the IT department every morning with my new IP address. and 2 - because I need to sync alot of data each night and when the IP changes I am blocked from the network. I have a Kabel Deutschland Cable Internet connection. From what I have read I was under the impression that if you kept the power on to the modem then the IP would reamin static - but the IP address is changing every day.

Sorry for the lack of technical info. I would really just like to get an idea if it is going to be possible to make my IP static?

cheers Andy

  brundle 11:08 07 May 2009

You need to speak to your ISP.

  mgmcc 11:08 07 May 2009

With Virgin's Cable service in the UK, although the IP address is dynamic, in practice it doesn't change as long as the Cable Modem remains powered on. It appears that this isn't the case with your "cable" provider in Berlin.

Normally, you can arrange with the ISP to be given a static IP address, although they do usually charge extra for this facility. Try contacting Kabel Deutschland's support people to see if they can give you a static IP address.

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