Startup Problems with XP

  aidanone 15:04 20 Apr 2005

Hello All,

My PC is having difficulty at startup. The PC starts & goes straight to checkdisk, which it completes then goes to the log on screen. Then straight away goes to 'saving settings' and logging off. It then shuts down and goes back to the start again. It continues in this cycle until the power is switched off.

I am unable to enter safe mode, however i was able to run scandisk on the hard drive, which repaired some corrupt files. I am unsure what to try next as in the past i would usually have run safe mode to find the problem.

If anyone has any ideas, I would appreciate it.


  Yoda Knight 15:18 20 Apr 2005

What happens when you try safe mode ?

  aidanone 15:27 20 Apr 2005

When i try to access safe mode it goes as far as the log on screen but then keeps cycling between 'log on' to 'saving your settings', 'logging off'. I have the original XP cd is it possible to run the recovery console from this, and if so how is this done?

  VoG II 15:33 20 Apr 2005
  woodchip 15:45 20 Apr 2005

Sound Like a Virus

  Micro-Man 15:49 20 Apr 2005

Incorrect drivers can do this. On one of my pc's just yesterday, when I was doing a full re-install of XP Pro, I had two Unknown devices which Windows could not Identify, so when I pointed the machine to what I thought was the correct driver, my pc did just as what you found! Clearly all that means is another re-install, but if you had Windows Update automatically download drivers as well as the normal Windows updates then that could be the source of your problem though sadly not the cure.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:20 20 Apr 2005

Prevent Check Disk Upon Boot (Line 294)
click here

  aidanone 16:20 20 Apr 2005


I have changed the boot sequence to the CD drive but when the PC boots it states that the drive has failed. Therefore i cannot access the recovery console. I have placed a W98 floppy disk and was able to get the command prompt from this but i am not sure were to go from this.

Any ideas?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:24 20 Apr 2005

Check Disk - Disk Checking Runs Upon Boot
click here

  woodchip 17:56 20 Apr 2005

At prompt type C: then as above

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