Startup problems

  kalstras 13:34 20 Sep 2011

My computer didnt start the other day Its an HP Pavilion mediacentre and is running Vista home. I ran system recovery and tried to find a date that it previously worked on, but it did not fix it. I ran a few checks from the esc/f8/f10 etc commands and my comp started i once it got going (took forever) i asked it to do a scandisk upon next startup and that took 4hours but also did not fix any problem. My OS is preinstalled and I would hate to lose everything just to do something that may be a simple fix. I have run backups and comprehensive Norton virus checks (yes i run norton 360 dont judge me lol) Now it seems I have a new drive "E:" and it has a question mark on it. Thats all for now, I can answer questions but i dont want to ramble on too much. thank you in advance, Kal

  kalstras 15:31 20 Sep 2011

Also this appeared in the "My Computer" folder (it shows as full with 0 bytes)

  northumbria61 15:36 20 Sep 2011

Go to Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Computer Management - click on "Disk Management" - Then right click on the local disk (E) (It should show empty - 0GB) and delete partition.

  woodchip 15:51 20 Sep 2011

Before you try deleting the Drive do full checks that nothing is on the drive, and that it was not hidden before

  woodchip 15:52 20 Sep 2011

If you right click the drive letter then click Properties it should tell you the size of the partitionb

  kalstras 00:42 21 Sep 2011

Thanks guys, looking into it.

Northumbria, that resulted in no extra drive... mystery

woodchip, drive not located and i ran a full in depth scan disk yesterday, unsure what to do next.

Further to earlier, sometmes my comp loads up the HP bluescreen and freezes, and other times it gets past that to a black screen and moveable curser but nothing further, then i restart and its normal.

I've done a startup repair and even tried to restore to an earlier time but there were only recent times... might try that again, but it seems me restore points are few and only recent for some reason :(

Speak soon, thanks again, Kal

  northumbria61 11:58 21 Sep 2011

**Then i restart and its normal. Run **msconfig - boot menu- check to see there's only your default OS listed there.

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