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  Newuser3649 10:38 09 May 2004

I run a P3 450 system with Windows 98SE. The system has 384mb of memory and the system manager shows no conflicts. The motherboard is a Gigabyte GA BX2000. I built the system in 1999. The hard disk has been re-formatted and a completely clean install of the software was done in February.

Starting the computer has become a problem. I switch on as usual and the system loads. As it is doing so, a dial up connection window appears. It returns immediately when it is closed. It only goes away when the final icon in the toolbar appears, Norton Personal Firewall. I run Norton Systemworks 2003.

The dial-up connection window can return between 8 to 15 times during start-up. Sometimes the system doesn’t get further than half way through loading the icons on the toolbar and then simply stops.

I have found that the best way round is to wait until all hard drive activity stops, usually before the Norton Personal Firewall icon appears. I then cancel the dial up connection window a number of times and the final icon (Norton Personal Firewall) then appears.

The Norton virus checker is up to date and the hard drive has been virus checked with no thing found.

I have noted the open programs as detailed below.

Epson cardmonitor 1

Most of the above seem familiar from problem free times, except the following; -


Any clues? Is there an issue with the Norton antivirus software?

The only other glitch that may or may not be related is as follows.

I have added an Epson RX500 printer. I don’t recall that the problem started after the addition of the printer. The start up problem happens whether the printer is switched on or off. What does happen is that the system occasionally hangs when the printer is switched on or off during a session. The system supports USB 1.1, the printer is designed for USB 2.0. It still works but is probably slower than a USB system. I installed a USB 2.0 card but it would not recognise the printer. It would recognise any USB 1.1 item, such as a card reader. The USB 2.0 card uses an NEC chip and system manager shows the items as properly installed with no conflicts. The printer will only work connected to the USB 1.1 connection from the motherboard.

Any Answers?

  Forum Editor 10:45 09 May 2004

as soon as they're loaded - and it's obvious that something (or it may be several things) on your machine is/are trying to do just that at startup.

You can find out which program is the cuplrit by removing them from the startup folder one by one, restarting each time. That way you'll isolate the program.

Start with Norton Systemworks.

  bertiecharlie 10:59 09 May 2004

The five items you have mentioned that you are not familiar with are as follows :

Csinsm32 - Norton Clean Sweep.

Em_exec - Mouse Icon on the system tray (Logitech?).

Robot - Registration reminder for one of your programmes.

Csinject - Norton Clean Sweep. This particular process can cause compatability problems and crashes.

E_s4i0k2 - Epson

When I had a dial-up panel repeatedly appearing during Windows 98SE startup, recently, I opened my Yahoo Broadband browser window / settings / connections and then choose "Never dial a connection" This cured it for me. I don't use Norton, so can't offer any further advice.

  Mollo 15:03 25 Aug 2004

I've got a similar problem with "Start Up". The "dial upnetworking" dialogue box appears and cannot be closed. The desktop will not function until I click on "connect" then after a while the icons appear but do not open their program. They try to open but stop after about a minute.

I have 29 items in the Startup listing in msconfig, do I really need all these items? and which ones are safe to remove?

To end, I have recently installed Norton Antivirus 2004 and that seems to have triggered the whole palaver. Would removing all the Symantec related files from the Startup listing be o.k. without affecting my antivirus protection?

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