startup problem connected to cmos battery??

  square eyes 17:18 23 May 2006

Hi, i have an anoying little irritation with my pc, hope you can help.

Here are the facts:

Its over 3 years old now
The mobo is an Asus A7V333

The problem started the same day as i attempted to connect a friends external HDD (USB2) it wouldnt work until i updated "enhanced host controller" then it worked. But in the process it had restarted the pc giving me the black screen with options to "start normally", "start with last known good configuration" i chose the latter.

The follwoing day i couldnt get the pc to start, here are the symptoms:

On shutting down i need to flick the main back switch to off and leave it at least 30 mins before switching it back on enabling me to start the pc.
The mouse light also goes off now when shut down.
The latest thing ive noticed (about 4 days later) the clock isnt keeping time when switched off at the back and i get an error when i try to update the time from the net.

Ive done a search and there seems to be a connection between bootup problems and mobo batteries going flat

Does this sound like the battery to you?
If so, is there anything i should know about changing it, im very able to do it, although ive read that the cmos has to be reset??? Dont understand that. The PC works normally when on.

Thanks for any help

  square eyes 20:08 23 May 2006


  exodus 20:58 23 May 2006

Hi, a deaad motherboard battery is usually indicated by the computer losing time or defaulting to some earlier date. It will also lose certain saved settings.

I would replace the battery and see how it goes.

Not sure what the other problem may be at the moment. Assuming you are using a usb mouse, then it appears your usb controller or hub is being caused to close down for some reason.

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