Startup nose in xp (blip)

  rainwarrior 14:47 26 Aug 2003

Hi when I start up my computer runnin xp prof quite often i get a blip when my desktop starts, but its not there all the time, is it a fault blip if so how can i trace whats runnin wrong, any help would be helpfull as its drivin me bonkers ty

  sil_ver 14:49 26 Aug 2003

What do you mean by 'blip'?

  rainwarrior 17:41 26 Aug 2003

First of all i want too apologise for the speliing on the title and anywhere else lol, its a noise not a nose ehehehe, the blip well its like a dull bleep that only happens now and again its doene it once now in the last 3 startups, it seems like an error bleep but i aint sure the same blip happened when i install my webcam wrong, but i know then to uninstall it and reinstall and its perfect then, but it cant be my web cam as if i do use it its fine with no blips or errors, just only happens after i click my loggon and desktop loads now and again :/

  hugh-265156 17:52 26 Aug 2003

does this sound come from the speakers or the computer case?are there any errors on the screen at this time?

  sil_ver 17:59 26 Aug 2003

If your not getting any error messages it would be rather difficult to pin down. If you've installed any other progs or updated any drivers just before the beeps began may be the cause so might be worth a thought. One other thing you can try is to disable all the progs, except explorer,that start when you boot up and re-enable them one at a time until the problem starts again.

  rainwarrior 18:14 26 Aug 2003

mmmmm i think it bleeps from my spkrs, the only mdern driver i installed was the latest nvidia ones all the rest r my originall disks, ill try the start up sequence u suggested ty

  hugh-265156 18:25 26 Aug 2003

im not sure if there is a tecnichal term for the noise im thinking of but sometimes if the computer is connected to a amplifier or powered speakers this can happen ie/you get a "blip" or "pop" noise through the speakers or subwoofer when powering on the computer with the speakers or amp turned on.

  hugh-265156 18:37 26 Aug 2003

if you get this sound after the computer is turned on then click control panel/sounds and audio devices/sounds and look at the program events box.sounds here have the event they are assoiated with listed beside one and click the play sound box.

does it sound like any of these?

  rainwarrior 19:07 26 Aug 2003

K I looked at the sounds in xp and it called chord the one im gettin on startup

  hugh-265156 19:23 26 Aug 2003

does it have an event assoiated with it, listed beside it ,like windows logon etc or is it just in the list of available?

check control panel/administrative tools/event viewer and look at any errors listed here.

  rainwarrior 19:36 26 Aug 2003

k i looked at the event viewer which matas well be a differnt language lol i got application error records and system error records, 64bk in application and 192kbs in system error but i cant understand them when i got clcik on either one to get more info the chord sound was got through the sounds section i couldnt play the ones with a title eg windows error sound, next too them

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