Startup mayham

  u2 13:54 04 Aug 2003

Hi having trouple starting up going into Windows ect gets as far as safe mode then restarts ,all kinds of things happening such as power switching off,it just switches off for no apparent reason.
Takes about 5 to 7 attempts to get it into windows.

What are static v*d ,s can I disable them its fine once it gets going ,but have to bring voltage in CPU down to 100 mzh because of temp.

Any idea,s guys?

  Lozzy 14:28 04 Aug 2003

If its win XP you have, then boot the PC with the XP CD in the ROM making sure your bios is set to boot from CD ROM. Then follow the on screen instructions to carry out the repair function.

  DieSse 15:06 04 Aug 2003

"What are static v*d ,s can I disable them"

They are parts of programs loaded when the system starts. You can only disable some of them, and then it will stop the relevant program operating correctly. Example SYMEVNT.VXD is Norton AV.

"have to bring voltage in CPU down to 100 mzh because of temp."

Sorry this does not make much sense, but is probably important. Voltage is not measured in "mzh" - do you mean the fsb speed?

If you have to reduce the fsb speed to stop overheating, then you have to solve whatever is causing this - as it may be causing many of your problems. Perhaps you power supply is overlaoded, or your RAM is not working well, or your processor or processor fan is faulty.

  u2 19:49 04 Aug 2003

Cheers lads been fiddling with it today and its a lot more stable,I had a problem with the cpu temp going up to 93c so bought a new fan CPU is XP2000+
Temp is now 57C higher when i play games but its not crashing,just a problem on startup but its annoying.

Machine works well once up and running.?

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