Startup keeps shutting down

  MagsD 17:21 01 Aug 2005

My neighbour has a problem getting his computer to start.He is using XP. The computer comes up with welcome screen then after a few seconds it says logging off and "turn off computer" appears.

  pk470 17:54 01 Aug 2005

Sounds like you have a virus.

  MagsD 18:30 01 Aug 2005

Could a virus be the only reason, or can anything else be causing the computer to do this? He says he has an anti-virus installed, but I don't know which one.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:00 01 Aug 2005
  PC Bilbo 19:31 01 Aug 2005

Could be a power supply problem but could be a Worm like Sasser.

You give no details of system.I s XP SP2 installed?. Is Anti Virus & Firewall up to date and just as importantly have they kept up to date downloading XP security patches?

If the answer to para 2 is no most likely Windows is infected.

To stop computer restarting or shutting down (if it is Sasser Worm, on start up( with no physical connection to ISP go to Start >Run & type shutdown. This abhorts system shutdown.

To disable worm running in processes, press (Ctrl) + (Alt) + (Delete) to get to Task Manager and end
task on avserve.exe,avserve2.exe,skynetav.exe and
lsasss.exe processes if running.

To prevent worm running, disable any of above found in start up by going to Start> Run and typing msconfig then Enter & under "Startup"
uncheck anything listed in above para. Click OK but DONT restart.

Connect up & Download & run Removal Tool from
click here

This will stop worm and delete the Sasser files from the registry.You should then download Critical update 835732 from Microsoft.

Last make sure Windows System Restore is switched off or you will get reinfected if you restore.

  MagsD 20:13 01 Aug 2005

Thank you for your replies. I will pass this information to him to go through.

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