startup folder

  cooked cow 19:22 22 Jan 2009

whats safe to disable in startup folder
or should i say what should'nt i disable?
running win xp home ver 2002 service pack 3
laptop running slow.ithink there might be to much running in the background,iknow theres not enough memory but until i upgrade i'd like to try and disable some startups

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:26 22 Jan 2009

All you really need to start when the machine boots up is security programs as per firewall antivirus and antispyware real time scanner.

  cooked cow 20:03 22 Jan 2009

thanks for the quick response. how do you identify
them,not being a programmer it looks like gobbledygook to me:-)can i close services down to?

thanks for your help

  Border View 20:31 22 Jan 2009

Try looking here

click here

I find the list very helpful.

  cooked cow 21:05 22 Jan 2009

what will happen if i just disable the lot?
will i be able to startup again?
i can't creamcracker it cus it's the wife's laptop.:-)if i do, the next post will be asking for a cardboard box,at best to sleep outside tonight,at worst be buried under the patio.:-))

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:12 22 Jan 2009

Where exactly are you looking ?

Programs - startup?

start - Run tpye Msconfig - OK staup up tab?

List the promaas and we can probaly tell you whats what.

  MAJ 21:12 22 Jan 2009

Your Startup Folder will mostly contain program shortcuts.

1.List what's in there.

2.How much memory is installed?

3.Go to Start > Run, type in:


and click OK. Then click the Startup tab and list what's ticked in there.

4.What is the make and model of your PC?

It sounds like you might need to clean a lot of temp files and other rubbish from your hard drive to help speed things up again. But answer the questions above first.

  cooked cow 21:34 22 Jan 2009

do you want me to write down the left hand column
"service" and "startup item" or do you want all of it? cus there's a lot to write!
compaq presario
win xp
home edition
version 2002
service pack 3
amd sempron 3000+ 787mhz
384 mb ram
i've done the usual, run anti virus,pc scan,
but i'm sure it's all the prosseses running thats slowing it you can see not much ram

  MAJ 21:42 22 Jan 2009

Just list the startup items, cooked cow, not the services yet. You certainly could do with some more RAM, 384MB isn't much above minimum for XP. Try running the scanner tool at Crucial click here see what your Presario (model number??) can take.

  cooked cow 21:53 22 Jan 2009

i thought that was a bit low myself.the true figure is 512mb 256 on each jumper i am going to double it, but just for the time being i'm trying to ease the load, i did a system scan a while back thats how i know. it's a presario v5000
i'll be back with the startup in a moment

  cooked cow 22:11 22 Jan 2009

the first column in the startup folder is:

Start up items:

HP Wireless Assistant
Google Toolbar Notifier

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